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Georgia. Грузия.
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Hotels in Georgia, in Tbilisi, in Batumi, in Gudauri, in Kobuleti, in Ureki hotels - services, prices, photos and videos our service - insertion of hotel, web advertisement, hotel promotion, prices information - history about Georgia, location and map, weather, useful links, local time, photos and more... contact me (site admin), e-mail, phone

Our service

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Our web site's main function is to pass solid information about hotels in Tbilisi and in Georgia to tourists, business people, internet consumer, etc.

Any person will easily and quickly see and contact the hotel, which interior, facilities, and prices are available to him/her via this web site. Also everyone will reserve the room they desire, contact the hotel by telephone or e-mail. There you can add your hotel (description of rooms, contact information, prices, facilities, hotel's interior and exterior photos, meals, video, etc.) The Information about your hotel will be placed in 3 languages (English, Georgian and Russian) so that everyone can read it without problems on the site.

On our web site you will place the following:

The information about your hotel in 3 languages;
Your hotel's description, prices and facilities;
Your hotel's address, telephone, fax, e-mail, and web site;
Your hotel's interior and exterior description;
Photos (from 3 to 25);
Archived file with your hotel photos;
A video (3 videos are possible), see a model: Video clip 1

Our service:

As you place information about your hotel, you will have wonderful web site address, which you can use as your hotel's web site address. For example, hotels-tbilisi.com?tbilisimarriott
Our service includes your hotel's supplementary web advertisement (link). it is not free of charge.
Maybe the hotel is the best but generally the public do not know about it. You can confer VIP status to your hotel on our website and your hotel will be on the first line in the hotels list and will be marked with the sign - VIP Hotel - . Photos will have red frame, it will be more in the spot and will popularize your hotel.

Why you should place your hotel on our web site?

1. The site provides solid information about your hotel;
2. The information about your hotel will be placed in 3 languages (English, Georgian and Russian), for instance: Russian tourist is possible not to understand English version;
3. The web site has advanced design (in 60 % cases, when internet consumer visits web site, which has bad design, he /she will turn off it);
4. Our website is advertised on other popular websites and can be easily founded in search system;
5. Many consumers/visitors visit the site;
6. Your hotel will have wonderful website address, which you can use as your hotel website address. for example: hotels-tbilisi.com?tbilisimarriott and hotels-tbilisi.com?britishhouse
7. If you do not have your own hotel web site, you can use this wonderful website address;
8. You can add your hotel's photos (from 3 to 25) on the website;.
9. Internet consumer can download all your archived hotel photos;
10. You can add 3 videos of your hotel, see the example: Video clip 1
11. You can confer VIP status to your hotel, which will lead to popularization of your hotel and being on the first page;
12. The site is very easy. It has convenient menu, intelligible structure, etc;
13. There you will find very important information for tourists, etc;
14. If you do not have text information about your hotel, photos, and video files, we will help you in creating of these;

Information about service and payment (georgian language), click here.

How to contact us? Write a letter on our e-mail:

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