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Hotel Kruiskari / Tusheti (ID:76)

Address: Tusheti, village Dochu
Phone: +(995 599) 285647, 599-285647
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Tusheti is located in the North of Eastern Gaucasian mountain range. It is one of the Georgian most hostirical region situated among River Piriqita Alazani, Gometseri Alazani and Chanchakhovi. Tusheti is sorounded by Chechnia and Dagestani from North-East, Khevsureti from West and Kakheti from South.
Cultural characteristics of Tusheti are Tusheti Sheep, Tusheti Horse, Shepherds Dog, Tusheti carpets and etc.

Tusheti is very attractive for many tourists because of its natural beauty, snowy picks, ancient ecosystem, unique forest with many types of trees, wide range of animals and birds.

In 2003, for maintaining Tusheti ecosystem, Tusheti Protected territory was formed which is composed of : Tusheti State Protected Area, Tusheti National park and Tusheti Protected Landscape.

Interesting Offer: Village Dochu is located in the Tusheti protected Landscape, in the range of Gometseri, 12 km away from Village Omalo. (it may be reached by a car, horse or by foot) Chain of Homestay type Hotel Kruiskari is on the third floor of the three story house built on the cliff. It has 9 rooms with two beds and necessary furniture in it. Hotel has bathrooms and one common kitchen.  

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About services and etc:

Homestay type hotel Kruiskari offers Tusheti cuisine to its visitors, tourist tours with Horse or other type of transport.
Suggestions: It is possible to reach Tusheti through Kakheti region. Road is hard and tiring but very attractive. On the road you can see Alaverdi Monastery, story range and 3000 meter long Abano pass. Total length from Telavi to Tusheti is 100KM. Duration of the trip is 4-5 hours.

Necessary Items: Rain Coat, Jacket, Additional Shoes and Flashlight. 
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