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стоимость номера, гостиницы в грузии, в тбилиси
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Hotel Margi (ID:307)

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Welcome to the hotel Margi. Our stuff is ready to serve you and ensure a cozy accommodation and perfect servicing for the best prices.

The hotel Margi is located in the very heart of a cultural and entertaining life of the Old Tbilisi, on the David Aghmashenebeli avenue. You will have an opportunity to admire the architectural specimen of the 18-19 centuries, enjoy your coffee in a quiet cafe and visit elite Apparel and Accessory Stores. All hotel windows look out on the Aghmashenebeli Avenue. The street has recently been restored. it has revived and has begun to sparkle with colors.

The Marjanishvili district, where the Aghmashenebeli avenue is located, was considered a cultural center of the Old Tbilisi as far back as tsarist times. The ancient pavements and buildings along with the contemporary entertaining establishments create a fortunate fusion of national colour and European style.  

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About rooms:

 Air conditioner
 Central heating
 Free internet (Wifi)
 Satellite TV (200 channel)
 Hair dryer 

About services and etc:

 Transfer from and to the airport
 Taxi service
 Excursions in and outside Tbilisi for visiting historical places
 Laundry service service

 Free internet (Wifi)
 Restaurant (include breakfast) 
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