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стоимость номера, гостиницы в грузии, в тбилиси
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Hotel Martini (ID:18)

Address: Adjara, Daba Kvariati, Khelvachauri area
Phone: +(995 599) 556464, +(995 577) 556464
Email 2:
Web site:
Web site 2:
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The hotel Martini located in Kvariati, 14 kilometres away from centre of Batumi, near the Turkey border, on the historical part Lazati. The name of our hotel Martini for many people is associated with the famous brand, but i did like to means seagull. That is why I chouse this name, the word Martini is associated with the sea and the sun.
The complex is located in a very beautuful ravine, which is covered with subtropical trees and plants, but the hotel`s front view faces the Black Sea`s shore, that`s why the circulation of sea and mountain air makes the comfortable micro climate for vacation. 

The web site negotiates with some hotels about sale of prices. It is desirable if you write in your letter (e-mail) or mention in your phone conversation the address of this web site: 

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About rooms:

The hotel offers middle standard comfortable and quiet 14 rooms. The rooms are equipped in a simple useful manner, single rooms can be used as double rooms and the majority of rooms can be extended by an extra bed.
All rooms have TV, fridges, bathrooms and open balconies. 

About services and etc:

 Conference Hall
 Taxi service
 Transfer from and to the airport
 Laundry service
 Free parking
 Fridge in rooms
 Swimming pool
 Entertainment on a beach
 Satellite TV (19 Channel)
 Acceptance of all major credit cards 
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